Feb. 2022 - Present


Origami inspired haptic glove

Detailed info

This work presents the design of an origami-inspired haptic glove, which is able to provide bidirectional feedback force to the user's thumb, index finger, and ring finger.
The origami mechanism connected to the user's fingertip can convert the actuator’s torque into a feedback force acting on the user's fingertip. When there is no desired feedback force, the user's finger can move freely in its workspace with little resistance. The device uses brushless motors as active actuators, and this work explores the possibility of using origami-inspired dampers as passive actuators.
The device is lightweight, easy to wear, and comfortable to interact with. It weighs about 80g and can adapt to different hand sizes without hardware modification.

Mar. 2021 - Present

Almost finished

2SR module robot


Self-reconfigurable & soft-rigid module robots able to reconfig its morphology and assemble into desired structures. Can we accomplish variety of tasks with standard robot modules? It's a collaborated project with Romi lab, polyU.

Dec. 2020 - Feb. 2022


Quadruped bai tiny

Detailed info
Vertical jumping demo   Walking demo   SLIP simulation

An 8DOF torque-controllable quadruped robot with vertical jumping ability. This design includes body mechanics, control electronic, firmware and gait simulation.

The development process can be decoupled into serval tasks.
- Develop a back-drivable actuator module.
- Develop a torque-controllable motor driver.
- Design a minimal leg mechanic.
- Design embedded controller with power electronic.

Jun. 2021 - Oct. 2021


Torque Feedback Interface for Virtual Acupuncture Training

Detailed info  

Low friction, low inertia, and highly back-drivable torque feedback interface to provide torque feedback. The device is designed as a customized tip for the phantom haptic device, to simulate the acupuncture process where the user inserts and rotates a needle inside patient's tissue.

Sep. 2020 - May. 2021


Quadruped bai

Detailed info
Leg demo   Reducer demo   Body assemble

This project aims to design a high-performance 12dof quadruped and cut the overall build cost by using mostly 3d-printed parts. For most legged systems, actuators with high power density are vital. Many examples have shown that brushless motors with low ratio reducers can be a good solution to mid-size legged systems, Also known as proprioceptive actuators. For low reduction ratio reducers, the friction and backlash are small enough to be ignored. So the output torque can be controlled via current control, which shares a good linear relationship between output torque and motor line current.
This project uses 9030, 350kv motors. The reducer comes with a 9:1 reduction ratio made up of two-stage 3:1 XL timing belts. Design with the timing belt vastly reduces the backlash compared to the planetary gear solution. Also, core compoents are easiler to be printed.

Dec. 2019-May. 2021


Haptic hand

Detailed info
Finger module demo   Grasp demo

A wearable haptic exoskeleton with a parallel 3DOF translate mechanism in order to deliver useable feedback to the user’s fingertip.

The glove contains two parts, finger module and fingertip module. Finger module is a 4DOF linkage connects the user’s fingertip and back of the hand, which covers the finger’s workspace. And provides user force feedback. Fingertip module is mounted at the end of finger module, provides limited tactile feedback. A grasp demo developed based on the chai3d framework.

Side Projects

Dec. 2021

Finished & open-source

SLIP simulation

Github link

Simulation of a 2D hopper using SLIP model and Raibert style controller.

Oct. 2019 - Jan. 2020

Finished & open-source

Quadruped bai servo

Balancing demo   Walking demo   Github link

A 12DOF servo actuated tiny quadruped for gait tests. With an IMU for pose feedback. Weights only 220g. Powered by external power source.

Oct. 2020


Pick and Classification Simulation


Pick classification simulation using v-rep and Matlab. Use barcode on the package to classify them into different catgeories. Course project for Introduction of Robotics 20fall.

Jul. 2020 - Aug. 2020


Balancing bot


A balancing robot follows path with vision based controller. The robot wins a second place in the national competition.

May. 2019 - Dec. 2019


Quadruped gen1


A 12DOF quadruped uses brushed motor as actuators. Redesigned leg mechanic to reduce moment of inertia. Reduced weight with new body design.

Sep. 2019 - Nov. 2019


Haptic device gen3

Demo - Interact with point cloud

Low cost 3DOF haptice device.

Feb. 2019 - May. 2019


Haptic device gen2


Low cost 3DOF haptice device. Actuated by brushless motors. (Higher power density & control bandwidth)

Jul. 2018 - Aug. 2018


Bio fish (tail)

Detailed info

A bionic fish robot a 4DOF tail and 2 active fins. (Never tested in water though)

Sep. 2018 - Dec. 2018


Haptic device gen1

Fk demo

Low cost 3DOF haptice device. (First attempt)