Shuang Pe​ng - 彭爽

I'm currently a master's student at USC, interested in haptics & bio-inspired robots. My passion is to combine the power of origami with haptics, to create lightweight, flexible wearable devices that help user better interact with the virtual environment. I’m also interested in the design of bio-inspired robots, creating more efficient legged systems by learning the muscles & tendons arrangements from the animal’s leg structure.

I’m originally from Wuhu, China. I got my BEng in Robotics from Southeast University, Nanjing in 2022. During my undergrad, I spent a vast amount of time prototyping different robotic projects. These experiences equipped me with skills to design and build robotic systems from scratch. Outside of these ‘robotics interests’, I’m interested in photography & anime, working on a YouTube channel to share info about different robot projects.

Email - shuangpeng00[at]gmail[dot]com or shuangpe[at]usc[dot]edu
Also find me on GithubTwitterYouTubeHackaday 

For more information on my current & past projects, please check the project page. (Notice that this site is still under construction, some detailed info, code, and pictures will be added later.)